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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed [people] can change the world;
indeed, it is the only thing that ever does.
Margaret Meade

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On September 11, 2001, around 8 a.m. e.s.t. terrorist hijacked planes on a suicide mission ran into the twin towers of the World Trade Center buildings causing 96 of the 101 floors to collapse. Around the same time another hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon ... while a 4th crashed in PA.

The USA considers this an act of war.
Our President George W. Bush has launched a war on terrorism.
No matter where these killers go they will be hunted and destroyed.


The wall of shame was created as an educational tool.
For the most part the general public is not aware of what goes on under their very noses.

Because the main stream media does not always report it or if they do, it is one or two comments on the late night news, or a line of type buried on page 43 of Section F.
Either they don't think it is important, they are afraid, or they are simply paid off to keep quiet.
After all the media lives and dies based on advertising dollars generated.

With the advent of the Internet things are changing quickly.
People can, at a moment's notice form strong networks of like interest groups, to flood the world with information.
These groups are not reticent to tell it like it is.

And because of that...incidents can no longer be swept under a carpet so easily.
The little people are suddenly finding their voice.

In fact they are standing on top of their webpages and shouting:

And the powers that be are beginning to snivel, whine and squirm.
Because they are being called upon to do the jobs they were hired and are paid to do.

We as a nation have trusted the politicians to manage our country in our best interest.
As time goes on it becomes increasingly clear we have made a grave mistake.
We have in many cases hired the fox to guard the hen house.

Why should we be surprised when we wake up in the morning and the chickens have been eaten?
It is time we say "NO MORE"!

It is time we demand our voice not only be heard but that the very principal our great country was founded on be adhered to.


A number of stories are old news ... I keep them posted on the site as a reminder of how corrupt some of our governmental agencies have become ... only the average citizen can demand a change ... he can not demand a change if he is not aware.

ComputerHQ bears all
If you purchased from them online from June of 2000 to July of 2001 your personal credit card was exposed for the public to see.
Wall of Shame

These are not hunters they are killers.
Politicians don't seem to be aware that what they say and do is noticed world wide these days. This section is devoted to those who should probably get the "boot".
Whistleblower Silenced
Why would officials in Canada ban a report published by a biologist in their employ?
Hunt Ethics
Triangle X and salt baiting of elk.
Pipestream Puppies Killed by USFWS
There were alternatives presented to the USFWS to save the lives of these puppies ... they chose to ignore them.
Prosecutor Insists Dog Die
Paperboy suffers dog bite by unlatching front door that releases dog. Wealthy father insists dog must die.
Prosecutor refuses to prosecute.
Why is District Attorney Dennis Schuh refusing to prosecute an admitted cat killer?
Do we need more gun laws?
Who is to blame at Columbine beside the shooters? The government perhaps that chooses not to enforce the gun laws already on the books?
When is a Hunt a Hunt?
Is walking up to a penned animal and shooting it a hunt to you?
Buddy the Community Deer
Orphaned yearling deer shot by California Highway Patrol Officer ... witnesses say with no good cause.
Curt Hurless
Fact or Fiction?
Why did 4 wolves die for the death of one calf? Did the wolves do it or was it perhaps the owners now dead dog?
Salt Bait
Ethics vs Law.
Illegal Salt Baits on public land.
Why is it being tolerated?
Predator control or the emotionally sick?
Kitten Killer gets jail time
Animal abuse can not be attributed to a prank. It is indicative of a warped character. Best we as citizens recognize that NOW!
Killing Fields
The steel jaw leghold trap...is it humane?
Buffalo Slaughter
Our last wild buffalo herd is being slaughtered for no good reason.
Recreation Agenda
Not a marketing opportunity but our National Parks!
You trust your animal to a professional.
You don't expect it to be abused.
Kill a Kitten
Is this what YOU
call comedy?

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